Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Adventures! Fresh Life Photography!

My time flies. I don't post here much anyone because of that wonderful thing called facebook. I like being bale to control who sees my stuff and who doesn't. Look me up, I'd love new friends :) My new project as of late is my photog business. I just started and have gone live! I will be starting a promo. Real excited about it! Of course it's kinda scary because I am at the point of no return, it's sink or swim baby! Come check me out and spread the word!! Click on fresh life photography fresh life photography

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Wow, things are chugging along. So many things going on! Wedding is in almost a month! Yikes! Calling businesses and getting calls back, a thing of the past apparently. Matthew saw the neurologist last Friday, she told me I'm on the right path! Phew! But then ugh! because I just am not getting anywhere as far as getting the full day program. His annual review is on the 18th and they'll tell me their official plans. Todd has been my backbone, listening to my rants and raves about this whole situation, he's even taking a vacation day to attend the PPT, to keep up to date on Matthew and the school. Benjamin changes everyday. His new trick, climbing on the couch....and falling off. Matthew just doesn't get that babies can't think and when he's fitting about something he doesn't understand how it can hurt others. Ben gets in his space and Matthew doesn't like that, so Ben's had "help" getting off the couch a few times. WE're working on it to say the least. Matthew also had a comprehensive evaluation, boy I can't wait to get reports back! Maria is doing awesome. Can you believe that I haven't killed the salamander yet?? She likes having him, and doing our frequent walks to the pond for water. It's a slow morph and not sure if I am providing everything for the bugger, but it has more substantial legs and it is alittle bigger. She has a bug project that she's working on, making a habitat for ladybugs. They have a bug presentation to show off their habitats on June 3rd. I refuse to do the project for her to make her look good, so she'll have an authentic one :) She's gonna be 7 next week!! I'm making her digital baby book now for some reassurance that she's still little :) Love my family!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bad bad mom

Ok well, I haven't posted my autism facts here like I said I would, what can I say?? Life with three kiddos, grad school and planning a wedding takes some time. I have however posted fasts nearly every day on my facebook page, please add me if you'd like! Times are good, thank God! The only bad thing has been joining weight watchers for me, I hate dieting, never have but never really HAD to until now. Gonna run, ADD me to facebook to learn your autism facts :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Autism in my world.

yes it is here every day. His Dad can say he suffers no affects of autism, but then again he's not with Matthew all the time. Matthew is such a loving boy who has more struggles in the social situation and language processing than the average kid. Anyway, did you know up until 1980 Autism was considered a mental illness?? Kids who had that diagnosis were said to have refrigerator moms, how cruel is that? The Dr's said that autism was caused by moms not being nurturing enough. So glad I don't live then. Autism is now a diagnosis of a learning disability which has it's pluses and minuses too believe it or not....What good is a post about autism with a pic of my cutie boy? I'll add one later, my pics are upstairs :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Autism Awareness Month is APRIL!!

How fitting that autism awareness month is in April, Matthew's birth month? As I am celebrating him and his life and all the lessons he's taught me we get to raise awareness and teach the world that ASD is nothing to be feared, definitely something to contend with but not feared. I made this header which is really the thing I use for my siggies on message boards, I plan on changing it every week with a new fact and myth. I hope to be posting some cool links that I have found while researching autism for my graduate degree and some that I have found helpful. Matthew is making great strides and of course the thought of kindergarden lingering kinda scares me. As we all know with budgets shrinking everywhere including schools, what affect will that have on Matthew's schooling, his help,his support, what will fall on my shoulders? How different will Matthew view kinder? But this is the month to teach the public about autism. I strongly believe that people don't accept autism because it's DIFFERENT and we're all taught that DIFFERENT is BAD. Let's teach the world that different can be good!! As long we're not hurting others, different is good :) Well, that's my view :)

Maria singing!

Maria loves to sing!

Things are busy but good!

Ben turned one!
ben gave u our first real heart attack but he's ok.
Matthew is learning facts about around the world
Maria is becoming a singing legend!

More details later!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter Pictures

I have tons of things that we have done that I haven't posted about because I have been too busy doing :) Maria as usual loves playing outside. Behind our house after a five minute walk through the woods is a great big hill with no trees around that is awesome for sledding!! Maria loves it! Her cousins even came to try it out. Matthew really wants to like the snow this year but it usually ends with tears. He doesn't want snow on his face AT ALL, or snow on his wrists. Despite my invention of armed mittens and a day with no snowing to sled he still struggles. Benjamin doesn't mind the snow, wouldn't say he loves it...yet! WE've been on a few trips to VT to ski and we have enjoyed that. Life has been good to us. Todd is finding his new job not great but he's hanging in there and we're hoping things will work out in that dept. We have health and for that we will be grateful and enjoy each day!